CONVERSEsations on the Road - April 8, 2010

Coming back from a business meeting in Phoenix I noticed a few college students in Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars traveling home from spring break. I had to ask, “where do you buy your Chucks? I asked.” Most said on the net, because they could not find them in a store. They asked if I had a place…and I told them I know of another website they could try. From vivid blue to neon orange,
I have found the store. It is right here at a Converse Store in the middle of the World Wide Web.

Check it out.

On this same flight I was reading an advertisement showing the Converse Slip, which is a shoe without laces that looks and fits like an All Star. The article asked if you were suffering from back pain, and recommended a flat sole shoe. That has got Chucks written all over it, go figure. A 100 year old design for a shoe is a back pain remedy.

A Chuck Nut