Converse Family - April 1, 2011

Have you ever been watching tv, reading a magazine, shopping at a store, or just standing in line somewhere and then you see them?  A pair of Converse shoes you either used to wear, currently have in your closet, or the exact pair you are looking for!  If the answer is yes then you are most likely a member of the Converse family. 


This family knows no race, religion, stature, or star power, it is a family that any and everyone can belong to!  If you own a pair of these chances are you have a story or two about how cheap they were when you were younger, or how you looked in an old photo album and BAM there you are rocking a pair of Chucks, or how you were the fastest kid on the block when you laced up your brand new Chucks! 


Embrace your family and go make some new Converse memories!  I think you will find that like memories, some Chucks get better with time.