The Move "Stand By Me" - April 8, 2011

The movie "Stand By Me" an iconic view of 12 year old kids in the 50's is being revived this week by the ABC Today Show.  The movie follows:  4 boys on their adventure of a lifetime to find the body of a missing boy rumored to be killed by a passing train.  One character wears The Converse Canvas Chuck Taylor All Star.  His wearing of the high top Chuck Taylor started a spike of the All Star sales in the United States.  Mom's were calling our store at American Athletics for this shoe 25 years ago, and you can get the same Navy Converse at today.

The movie's director Rob Reiner met with the cast on the Today Show's Set Monday. It's hard to believe this production premiered in the 80's.

Re-released on Blue ray April first actors Jerry McConnell, Cory Feldman, and Will Wheaton, talked about  the late River Phoenix who disappeared on screen at the end of the film.

Low budget, independent films rarely make it out of the can.  This film made it and then some. Some good things go on forever.

This includes The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star.

Gary Church
A Chucknut