They're Everywhere! - May 6, 2010

 Evidently the afternoon show Ellen is being sponsored by CONVERSE.

Ellen and Chuck

This afternoon as I watched the show sign off there was a cartoon of a persons legs with the Black Converse Chuck Taylor All Star drawn into the picture.

The Chuck Taylor looks great and can always be purchased at a site called
This week while watching TV I saw the black low top CONVERSE Shoe on 15 shows. What a stroke of good luck to have the Converse All Star displayed all over the networks.
Here are a few looks at Chucks…A Trident Gum Commercial, Black Low Cut All Stars, Friends Matthew Perry
wears the Black low Tops regularly on the reruns. Ellen, Robin Williams in “Bird Cage” and the Yoplait Yogurt Commercial all have this great American Icon on their feet. These are just a few. Where are yours?

A Chuck Nut